Elementary when understood.

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

If all life is matter and all living organisms share the same molecules, then what causes individual distinction?

In 1957, biochemist John Kendrew figured out the atomic structure of myoglobin, an oxygen-storing protein found in muscle cells. He studied and modelled the myoglobin molecule in sperm whale, which is identical to the molecule in human bodies. Yet another evidence of sameness.

As professor of structural biology Stephen Curry notes, “That’s one of the clever and unappreciated things about structural biology: it reveals similarities at the molecular level that testify to the evolutionary unity of all living things, at a level even deeper than correspondences between DNA sequences.”

Distinction may quite possibly be an interpretation. What happens when we view distinction as the interplay of elements—space, air, fire, water, and earth? Does distinction and personal physicality become a collective configuration, an arrangement of the elements in relation to each other?

Elemental by nature and elementary when understood.

photo kyobi.blog elementary when understood
Interplay of elements: The roots reach for the water inside the earth, covered by leaves that were made dry by the tropical heat (fire), and that floated in air till they lay rest on the ground, in the emptiness of space, where all resides.
photo kyobi.blog elementary when understood
Collective configuration: Moments past and present converge in the vastness as witness to the warmth of the sun, the shade of trees, the promise of dried leaves, and the quiet stillness of air.

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  1. Brajmohandas Mundhra says

    A food for thought! It confirms what is mentioned in the Gita, and takes us closer to the philosophy of the Upnishads.

  2. Nice! Unity in diversity, and vice versa. Specially like the ‘interplay of elements’

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