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So special

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When descriptors are erased, what we have is a set of common nouns -- nothing special about it. We don't have to live with the burden of special, if we don't wish to. There's freedom in that. To an ordinary year, of ordinary actions that won't wear us down. May all beings be happy.

When you need a friend.

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

Umang Tiwari. This post is a tribute to him. His creative inclination, his willingness to learn, and his desire to prove himself in a world that can be too harsh sometimes. Learning difficulties have not thwarted this teenage boy's courage. He struggles and yet he tries--this is not an incapacity, it's a rare capacity. Good luck Umang and thank you for inspiring me.

Get those gloves on, or send an email.

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Our shoreline can be clean and waste can reduce, while companies, researchers, and scientists try and develop more natural packaging solutions, and the government tries to enforce bans, we the citizens can get those gloves on and get conscious about what and how we consume, not blindly driven by pleasure or convenience, and not justified by our intellect, but with honest consideration.