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We must keep creating, because a revolution requires the strength of love. River Mandovi or Mhadei may your waters continue to flow, unobstructed and free, down the course that is yours from source to sea, up to the skies, and back again.


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Coexistence & Harmony

Words contain the strength to carry us. They shape our perspective and embellish our interactions with each other and with our surroundings. Dev borem korum, moves me from politeness to goodwill, where I am bringing to mind the other person's benefit and treating their good turn as a gift by sharing my best wishes in return.

Tree Moon

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Know as Cold Moon in the higher latitudes, the December full moon has various names across different cultures. What will we in the middle latitudes call the December full moon? So close to the equator we are that our relationship to the sun is more pronounced and discussed, but the moon is an essential part of our rhythm—circadian and ecological.


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When ripe the fruit will be harvested and the plant will perish, leaving behind a few spurs or spurring new shoots that will grow and nourish like the mother plant—benevolence, isn’t it? And it’s also an example of carrying forward inheritance, from mother to child and plant to spur or shoot.