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A gift to share

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Kyo and Obi, a fable about friendship and discovering the joy of self-acceptance, available to read on the blog. At a time, when we all need a little more joy, the story may (at least for some of us) inspire the search for the source. At a time, when we are reminded of our shared humanity, it may restore in our minds the importance of patience and acceptance. This book is a gift I gave myself, and now I wish to pass on that gift to you.

Plenty Please

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

Plenty Please is a post about nature, its cycles, and us. Where do we stand and how do we choose? The desire to resist change arises, it's common to us humans, with our feeble instincts, but ease and joy arise, when we let go. Can we let go and be a part of the cycle? Because there is no eternity.

So special

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When descriptors are erased, what we have is a set of common nouns -- nothing special about it. We don't have to live with the burden of special, if we don't wish to. There's freedom in that. To an ordinary year, of ordinary actions that won't wear us down. May all beings be happy.