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In a sleepy village called Poi, a sunbeam appears through the leaves of a mango tree and brings to sight a little mote of dust—a dot called Obi, who has never been seen. In that moment, unnoticed and lonesome Obi finds a friend. Kyo the beagle and Obi are inseparable, till a feeling begins to stir in Obi. The feeling carries Obi on an inward journey.

Kyo and Obi is a story about discovering the joy of self-acceptance and being who you are. It is an honest exploration about our notions of closeness, similarity, and togetherness, while acknowledging the need to belong.

Told in a book that is made in India, from 100% recycled, sun-dried cotton paper using soy-based inks, the story’s attempt is to reconnect us to a core value. Illustrated in line art using dual colour, and hand stitched by differently-abled people, the book is a gift to yourself and to others – read it, share it, pass it on, there’s only going to be a small number in print.

Priced at INR 670. Get your hands on a copy at the following places in Mumbai, India, or order your copy and I will post it to you (delivery only in India).

Buy in Mumbai.

Kahani Tree, Prabhadevi, Mumbai
Kala Ghoda Cafe, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai
Trilogy Library and Bookstore, Upper Worli, Mumbai
Vasundhara Bookshop, Powai, Mumbai