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A “bean” of truth received

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I published this post first on November 26, 2020. Two days later, I removed it. A friend raised a question about the intellect's capacity to understand Truth, and I realised then that my words were falling short of communicating what I intended to. This time the post in more true to my own experience and understanding. It will be wonderful if you read it and maybe even share your own beans of truth.

At Sea–Looking for a place to call home

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When I read UK-based artist Banksy's note to activist, Pia Klemp, I was inspired to write At Sea. The line in Banksy's note that made an impression on my mind was: "I've made some work about the migrant crisis, obviously I can't keep the money." These words of solidarity and responsibility spawned the wish to research the migrant crisis in Africa, and to weave experiences and personal stories into the story of a migrant girl, Ngozi, and her journey from Nigeria to Libya, and from there to Italy. Do read and share it, as an act of generosity towards all migrants. Maybe, like Banksy and Klemp the story will inspire us to extend a heart-shaped buoy.

By the Bay – The night Earth quaked.

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By the bay is a short story, a modern-day fable. At first, my voice sounded like an echo--I was repeating what the scientists had to say, then as I started to feel the heat of a speedily warming planet, I started to sound like those who were tirelessly trying to remind others of what's important and urgent. And then I grew silent, because neither worked to change anything around me. From silence came this short story. Through a mix of non-human characters--aquatic, avian, terrestrial, and even celestial, I have tried to focus on the innocence of life, while exploring its diversity. It's a bittersweet story, accompanied by a long and interesting fact sheet.

So the story goes

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I met someone on a train ride, and we got talking. We were not strangers really, though we had never met. We had both just completed a thirty-day Vipassana meditation course. Maybe that's what connected us, subliminally. We chatted for three hours, and there were many things he said that were very wise, one of which was:'These are not stories, they were real people.' We were speaking about the lives of people 2600 years ago. Whether we refer to the past, present, or future--lives of people (and all living beings) are not stories that can be heard and forgotten. We are sharing experiences in an interconnected reality. Let's settle our quarrels.