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Here I am. I am here.

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What do we think of when we think of home? A place where we have bonds, a place where we connect with our joy. An inuit may desire a warmer climate, but will that make it home? It's about what transpires in that place-the bonds, the assimilation, the feeling of belonging. These are rarely ever offered by a place, they are generated by what we bring to the place and how we respond to what occurs there. We may move locations frequently in a global world, but let's not leave it to the heart's fancy to decide which one is home. Let's make every place we live in home.

With you

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

I am exploring partnerships with independent bookstores, cafes, and environmentally inclined native brands. The chain of human connectivity and support is heartening. It reminds me that there is little that we do alone - every accomplishment is the effort of many.

Waiting to be found.

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

I've been looking for harmony for a long long time, High rises hide it; trees share it, but they aren't always around (increasingly so); the sea makes me long for it. Everything has only but added to my cellular memory of it. I have finally started to understand where to find harmony, and am now learning the way--the way to it. Join me in harmony.