Writing Verse

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All / Between the lines / Coexistence & Harmony
Writing verse


Sky studded with stars
Gazing down from above
While we gaze from below
Separated by form and space
One seen, the other felt
One holds, the other held
Zephyr, a storm
Moonlight, rays of the sun
All in motion. All one.


Those who don’t
To apathy succumb
Those who do
Depths explore
Then they rise
With beauty in their eyes
For wisdom rests within


A mind that surrenders
Love’s soft pulse
Manifest in form

The Author

I am a blog about a story and a book - A story about a dog and dot, a speck of dust actually, and a book titled Kyo and Obi that is gentle on the planet and it can be recycled, taking us back to the start where it all began as a blank sheet of paper ready for its next story.

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  1. Lakshmi Krishnan says

    Three most important verbs! Beautiful thoughts for all of us to ponder.

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