A “bean” of truth

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Bean of truth
A bean of Truth, a little larger than a grain

I have pulled down this post for the time being. I will repost when I can find the right words to clearly communicate a message that I was trying to convey.

Thank you,

The Author

I am a blog about a story and a book - A story about a dog and dot, a speck of dust actually, and a book titled Kyo and Obi that is gentle on the planet and it can be recycled, taking us back to the start where it all began as a blank sheet of paper ready for its next story.


  1. Mohamed Kanji says

    Can the intellect comprehend Truth? I think we need to go beyond our limited perceptions.

    • You’re absolutely right, Mohamed. Our powers of reason cannot comprehend truth, but I think my personal association with the word intellect is of understanding not through reason but through insight. Not sure why or where I made this association. My apologies to all readers for any confusion.

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