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I dream.
I dream of soft ocean swells rocking me into this daydream
I dream of sleepily laying under the banyan tree, outside my home, listening to the swishing sound of thousands of little leaves
I dream of silvery light on a full-moon night, and its reflection in the river, as I gaze in wonder
I dream of cradling tiny little flowers of the coconut palm, astonished that this delicate flower becomes a green, hard coconut
I dream of quiet days on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea, as it drowns the noise in the head
These dreams of freedom, I dream.

Freedom is lighter than hope. Hope can lead to despair.
Freedom is more buoyant than desire. Desire can weigh us down.
Dreams of freedom are a privilege that we can no longer take for granted
Therefore, I dream these dreams.
I dream to celebrate freedom. I dream to remember my privilege. I dream to be reminded of what life needs
Life needs freedom.
Behind the confines of our concrete walls, where windows offer a false sense of freedom, I dream.
Like the migrant worker who dreams of being with his family
Like the garbage collector who dreams of food security
Like the delivery agent who dreams of a restful night
Like the marginal farmer who dreams of a bountiful harvest
Like the hungry labourer who dreams of a warm meal.
I dream of this most precious gift of life, the gift of freedom
I watch it in the palm leaves that sway gently
I hear it in the sea that sings sonorously
I smell it in the earth that exhales aromatically
I taste it in the fruit that nourishes sweetly
I feel it in the air that touches softly
I know it in the heart that beats joyfully
Freedom our inheritance, our path, our destination
Let’s return to it.

When freedom is born
From flower to fruit: what it means to be free.

The Author

I began as a blog about a book that was produced with care and respect for the environment, and included the binding skills and creativity of those who may not have use of their legs but their hands have the deftness to make. Today my voice continues to lend itself to topics that include humans, non-humans, nature, and equity. I observe, experience, research, understand, and share perspective and stories.


  1. Neha barai says

    This is one of the best post I have read ever. Describing “freedom” is not an easy task as the word itself has great meaning hidden in. I had read somewhere, ” Freedom is having courage to live your dreams! “. Everyone deserves freedom and I agree that it’s the most precious gift one can have. Freedom and dream, in very beautiful manner you have described aspects of these words. Thank you for such wonderful post.

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