Month: February 2019

Get those gloves on, or send an email.

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Our shoreline can be clean and waste can reduce, while companies, researchers, and scientists try and develop more natural packaging solutions, and the government tries to enforce bans, we the citizens can get those gloves on and get conscious about what and how we consume, not blindly driven by pleasure or convenience, and not justified by our intellect, but with honest consideration.

Here I am. I am here.

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What do we think of when we think of home? A place where we have bonds, a place where we connect with our joy. An inuit may desire a warmer climate, but will that make it home? It's about what transpires in that place-the bonds, the assimilation, the feeling of belonging. These are rarely ever offered by a place, they are generated by what we bring to the place and how we respond to what occurs there. We may move locations frequently in a global world, but let's not leave it to the heart's fancy to decide which one is home. Let's make every place we live in home.