Long stitch – a good choice

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All / Coexistence & Harmony

Choices that are good on the whole are good for you. There’s never a compromise, if we only wait and watch.  

Binding – the process of bringing different pieces together to create a unified whole. This process like all processes involves choices and implications.

A book and a life are both the outcome of binding. Best therefore, to thoughtfully reflect on how we choose to bind.

For Kyo and Obi the choice was not between adhesive binding—the standard glued books and staple binding. We chose a third more traditional and natural option, that is, hand binding with recycled cotton thread.  

Glue is made from synthetic polymers, which can biodegrade given the right conditions. Who was going to make sure that the right conditions existed? Besides I would rather reduce, if possible, the plastic particles being added to water and soil.

Staples involve mining for zinc and iron ore. That immediately ruled out this option. More deforestation should no longer be considered!

While all choices come with implications, we were glad that hand binding with recycled cotton thread only meant longer time and more expense. The wait has been worth it. Kyo and Obi has been hand-bound by differently abled people, again thanks to our print and paper partner, Punarbhavaa.

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